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Study Abroad

International Studies students are strongly encouraged to study abroad. In addition to informing the focus and content of your final research paper, studying abroad offers you an exciting opportunity to become immersed in a culture, and develop language and critical thinking skills.

In many cases study abroad programs include an internship, volunteer opportunity, research or service-learning project. International experience is also a valuable resume-building attribute.

Study Abroad Services are located in the UF International Center (inside the Hub). Study Abroad advisors are available by appointment to advise you, but your first step is attending an info session. During Fall and Spring semesters, general info sessions are held every Tuesday and Wednesday from 3:00-3:05 pm in the International Center’s Large Conference Room.


There are many internship opportunities with a global focus. These opportunities have varying expectations, benefits, application processes and locations. Some may be on-campus while others include working in another state or other country. Internships can be academic and research related or connected to broader international interests, such as development, poverty, advocacy and so on. These differences largely depend on the organizational focus and overall purpose and objectives of an internship program. The list below will continue to grow and represents just a handful of the many internship opportunities that exist.

The International Studies Program strongly encourages students to pursue internship opportunities and to carefully review all application guidelines and placement requirements. Please see an advisor if you have questions about a specific opportunity.

Public Policy & Advocacy

Internationally-focused nonprofits

Foreign Policy and/or State Department-related

Teaching English internationally

Graduate Education

For many students, continuing onto graduate school is an important next step. There are many considerations to take into account as you evaluate the numerous graduate programs for which an undergraduate degree in International Studies might prepare you. International Studies advisors are ready to help you think through the various options and your degree and practice interests. The list below represents just some of the many programs that exist. Please feel encouraged to discuss your graduate school aspirations at your next advising meeting.

International Foreign Policy

International Development and/or Sustainability

International Business

Region Specific

Fellowships and Funding

Fellowships are often distinct placement programs (in the US or internationally, or both) that include benefits, monetary and/or nonmonetary (housing support, for example). Other fellowships and funding are connected to the development of innovative projects, academic research and/or graduate school. The list below represents a variety of opportunities, however many more exist. Students are encouraged to carefully review all applications and guidelines associated with any funding opportunity. International Studies advisors are available to help students explore these and other paths.

Department of State

Department of Education

National Security Education Program

Region specific

Innovation and entrepreneurial

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