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International Studies Major

International Studies is an interdisciplinary major that provides knowledge of major international or global issues including:

  • regional and global political economies;
  • comparative cultural and political systems;
  • ethnicity, identity, and belief systems;
  • globalization and migration;
  • peace, conflict, and human rights;
  • gender, culture, and politics; and
  • global science, health and environmental issues.

Students in the major pursue a multitude of interests and opportunities while at UF. They will develop a working knowledge of a modern foreign language, and draw from a range of academic disciplines in choosing their courses, both topical and regionally-focused.

International Studies students participate in internationally-focused campus activities, and conduct research on regional or global issue in conjunction with a senior research seminar or experience.

They are encouraged to seek out experiences living and studying abroad, or working with an international organization focused on international issues to prepare them for international careers or graduate study.

Students in the major may work with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) or complete international and US-based service-learning projects.

As they become knowledgeable of at least one major region of the world, they will learn to think critically about significant global issues.

The major prepares students for careers as specialists in international relations, international development, communications and media, education, business, global health, sustainability, public affairs, government foreign service, consulting, and international research.