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Degree Requirements

Each International Studies major is required to designate a region of the world on which to focus. This region then determines the courses appropriate for the major’s requirements. Students take 15 credits of courses designated “Category A” (courses directly focusing on the region of choice) and 15 credits of courses designated “Category B” (courses focusing other regions of the world or a specific issue from an international perspective. All courses must be completed with a minimum grade of C.

Students may choose from among these five regions:

Ideally students choosing the International Studies major will have taken introductory courses in high school or at the college level that serve to help them choose the region of the world they  are interested in for the major.

Foreign Languages

The International Studies Program requires students to meet the intermediate level in a foreign language connected to their regional track. This translates to the equivalent of four terms of language. There are more than 24 languages taught at the University of Florida, and several are non-traditional. The value of language learning goes beyond phonetics and verbal expression – classes integrate intercultural components and language itself precipitates an exposure to cultural values and norms. Read about UF foreign language courses at this link.