Apr 18, 15

President Obama's jobs plan is a start but does not have the magnitude of government spending to bring down the unemployment rate, said Phil Angelides, who chaired the U.S. Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission.

Angelides spoke about the causes of the financial crisis at the University of...

Apr 18, 15

Retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor told a University of Florida audience Monday that the public knows more about the judges on "American Idol" than the justices on its highest court.

O'Connor used appearances at two UF events to highlight a failure to teach civics in U...

Apr 18, 15

Jane McGonigal, a leader in the growing movement to create online games that are socially conscious and rooted in real-world problems will be speaking in a special forum at the Bob Graham Center for Public Service on Oct. 4.

McGonigal, a world-renowned game designer, combines cutting-edge...

Apr 18, 15

Jane McGonigal is a video game designer, but she engaged a University of Florida audience Monday in a massive, real-life thumb wrestling match to illustrate the power of games.

More than 250 audience members linked hands for the match, forming one long line that stretched through multiple...

Apr 18, 15

After the death of Osama bin Laden, CNN national security analyst Peter Bergen declared that the war on terror was over.

He told a University of Florida audience Wednesday that the statement meant that bin Laden's death and the Arab Spring have pushed al-Qaida into irrelevance. “It's time...

Apr 18, 15

Former Gov. Reubin Askew said Monday that politics today is “meanness and money,” and a Constitutional amendment is needed to allow limits on campaign spending.

“The system we have for financing campaigns is obscene, and I don't use that word lightly,” he told a University of Florida...

Apr 18, 15

The noted activist, author and academic Cornel West will join protesters in Gainesville later this month as part of a nationwide push-back against the Supreme Court’s 2009 decision to allow corporations and labor unions to give unlimited amounts of money to politicians.

West, a professor...

Apr 18, 15

The University of Florida’s Bob Graham Center for Public Service has built a wall intended to bring people together rather than keep them apart. The Great Civil Debate Wall was unveiled this week at the Graham Center’s home in Pugh Hall.

The wall is a series of five touchscreen panels,...

Apr 18, 15

When it comes to civic engagement, the kids aren't all-right.

And they're particularly not all-right in Florida.

"We stink," former U.S. Rep. Lou Frey said last week.

That is a succinct summary of a report released by Frey's organization, the Lou Frey Institute of Politics...

Apr 18, 15

Israeli reporter Amira Hass says Israel denies them many rights.

Israeli journalist Amira Hass said she couldn’t get an Internet connection to file a story last week from the West Bank, so she made a short drive to Jerusalem.

She told a University of Florida audience Monday that...