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The Washington Center Internship Program


Interested in politics, public policy, international relations, business, health care, non-profits, education, or the arts?

The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars, known as TWC, provides immersive internships and academic seminars to students from hundreds of colleges and universities and young professionals from across the U.S. and more than 25 countries.

The University of Florida is a partner institution, expanding the reach of the campus by offering UF students access and opportunities in the Washington D.C. area that allow them to earn academic credit while interning. Summer, fall, and spring internships are available in more than 2000 public, private, non- profit and government agencies in all fields in Washington, D.C.

Information Sessions

A virtual information session will be held in the coming weeks. Please visit this page for registration info or sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest updates.


Please contact UF liaison and Graham Center Associate Director, Marianne Vernetson, at or (352) 273-1080 to set up an appointment to discuss TWC.

Download a Sample List of TWC Internships


What majors should participate in the TWC internship program?

All undergraduate majors are invited to apply. TWC has over 600 site partners hosting hundreds of interns every year. Students are placed, according to their interests, in non-profits, government, the private sector, the arts, finance and so on. See their very informative Sample Internships handout.

Do I have to find my own internship?

No. A TWC internship advisor will guide you through the decision process and help match you to the position that’s right for you.

Where can I get more information about the Washington Center?

Start with the website at and go to the Academic Internship Program area for helpful information ( You can also contact Marianne Vernetson, the UF program adviser at or (352) 273-1080 to set up an appointment to speak with her.

How do I apply for the program?

The application is on-line at the site above. Once you have completed the short and long essay and your resume is in order, email Marianne Vernetson, UF’s program advisor, for an appointment.  She will review your materials, provide feedback for your submission and next steps. Once that is complete, you can upload the application materials. After UF’s approval, you will receive notification from TWC that you have been accepted into the program.

What are the deadlines for the upcoming year?

TWC is working through their deadlines for the coming academic year and these will be updated shortly.

Is there assistance to help pay for the program?

Yes, the state of Florida provides a $ 9,000 award toward the cost of the program. By applying to the program by the priority deadline, you are eligible for this award, until the monies run out. If you need additional financial assistance, you should also ask TWC if you are eligible for other smaller awards.

How do credits for the program work?

To receive the Florida scholarship described above, you will need to sign up for internship credits through UF. You may be able to earn credits from you major or you can register for IDS 4945 Washington Internship credit (an elective). To use this credit you need to apply with Marianne Vernetson.

How many credits should I take during the semester I am doing my internship?

That depends on a number of factors. Do you have Bright Futures or other scholarship or financial aid that require you to take a certain number of credits a semester? Will you be taking an on-line course during the internship? Talk to your adviser about this or the UF TWC representative.

What are the components of the TWC Internship Program?

The internships takes place Monday through Thursday. Thursday evening you take a course in an academic area of interest. Friday is dedicated to professional development which you can showcase at the end of the course in an ePortfolio, allowing you to feature your academic achievements, learning outcomes, career competencies and skills and so on.

Can I get credit for the Thursday evening course through UF?

No. The successful completion of the course is part of the requirements for earning internship credit. You may ask an advisor in the relevant department at UF if this is possible and what is required to receive credit. Some materials needed will be the instructor’s academic credentials and the course syllabus.

Have other UF students found this to be an effective program?

Yes, the Graham Center’s TWC adviser can put you in touch with students who have participated in the past., including those that participated in the Summer 2020 Virtual Experience.