The Graham Civic Scholars program empowers University of Florida undergraduates to conduct county-level research, interview governmental and non-governmental officials, compile reports and publicly share their findings. Student researchers are also given the opportunity to author a policy paper and/or senior thesis on the issue investigated during the course of the spring semester.

To date, the center has commissioned more than 370 students from 68 different academic majors — representing each academic college at UF — to conduct research on issues of critical importance to Florida and its sixty-seven counties. Previous topics have included: emergency preparedness; families and homelessness; water supply; mental health services; aging public infrastructure; and food insecurity. The 2018 program will focus on access to voting.

Spring 2018- Access to Voting

The topic for the 2018 Graham Civic Scholars program will be Access to Voting in Florida. The Program Memo can be found here. Student researchers will examine issues faced by Florida counties as they work to eliminate barriors to electoral participation including long lines, discarded absentee ballots and online voter registration and security issues. If selected, students will be assigned to a county, or small cluster of counties, in Florida to investigate. The center will do  its best to accommodate county preferences, but scholars are expected to meet all program requirements regardless of the county they are assigned. Upon successful completion of all program requirements, student researchers will receive a $500 stipend.

NOTE: If you receive financial aid, the stipend can  impact your loans — check with Student Financial Services prior to applying.

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View policy papers and cumulative reports from the Civic Scholars research projects here.