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Civic Scholar Policy Papers

Spring 2018: Access to Voting in Florida

Cumulative Report: Evaluation of Voting Rights for Florida Citizens by Courtnie Moodie

Policy Brief: Lowering the Voting Age in Local Elections by Jenna Tingum

Spring 2017: Early Childhood Education Services

Cumulative Report: Evaluation of Early Childhood Education Within the State of Florida by Anisha Patel

Ensuring Healthy Lives for Florida’s Youngest Residents: A Policy Proposalby Rachel Ram

Introducing Home-Based Educator Programs in the State of Florida to Provide Additional Positive Early Childhood Education Programs to Disadvantaged Childrenby Megan Jones

Funding for Early Childhood Education in the State of Florida by Narrelle Gilchrist

Spring 2016: Mental Health Services

Provision of Children’s Mental Health Services within the State of Florida by Caroline Nickerson

Spring 2015: Food Insecurity

2015 Graham Civic Scholars Program | Food Insecurity in Florida’s Counties by Michael Beato

Increasing Research into Use of Nanotechnology in Food Packaging: A Means to Reduce Food Insecurity Prevalence within the State of Florida by Chad Spreadbury

Cafeteria Nutritional Guidelines for Corporations in Schools: Paving the Way for Healthy Choices by Angela Pang

Spring 2014: Aging Physical Infrastructure

2014 Graham Center Civic Scholars Cumulative Report: Top Issues and Possible Solutions Concerning Aging Infrastructure by Chad Spreadbury

Mitigating Saltwater Intrusion Through Everglades Restoration: A Policy Proposal

Funding the Florida Department of Transportation by Luke Killam

Spring 2013: Water Resources and Supply

2013 Cumulative Report: Graham Civic Scholars Program | Water in Florida’s Counties by Ariella Klein

Fall 2011: Families and Homelessness

2011 Cumulative Report: Graham Civic Scholars Program | Families and Homelessness in Florida’s Counties