Graham Center Student Fellows 

The Graham Center Student Fellows are the official student representatives of the Bob Graham Center for Public Service at the University of Florida. Fellows work closely with the Graham Center staff to fulfill the Center’s mission of training the next generation of public and private sector leaders of Florida. Their work ranges from planning major events and organizing community service projects, to advocating for change and leading discussions about today’s pressing issues.

Fellows enjoy opportunities for leadership experience and professional development through the Center’s public programs, experiential learning opportunities, and small group discussions with policymakers and innovative public leaders. The Fellows are dedicated to improving the civic health of our campus and the broader Gainesville community, through projects and activities that advance the common good.

2020-2021 Executive Board Announced

The 2020-2021 Executive Board of the Bob Graham Center Student Fellows includes, from left top row: Liliam Clavjio; Hannah Townley; Tina Bhatt; and Madison Gore; from left bottom row: Emma Towler; Daniel Badell; Alyssa Morford; and Cale McCall.

2020-2021 Executive Board:

President: Liliam Clavijo

Vice President: Hannah Townley

Treasurer: Daniel Badell

Secretary: Tina Bhatt

Director of Internal Relations: Alyssa Morford

Director of Special Projects: Madison Gore

Director of Outreach: Emma Towler

Director of Public Relations: Cale McCall


2019-2020 Executive Board

The 2019-20 Executive Board of the Bob Graham Center Student Fellows includes, from left back row: Cale McCall; Hannah Townley; Guerin Frei; Shiloh McPherson; and Elana Sieck; from left front row: Belle LaMontagne; Liliam Clavijo; Jane Gray;  andSara Henley.

2019-2020 Executive Board

President: Shiloh McPherson

Vice-President: Sara Henley

Secretary: Liliam Clavijo

Treasurer: Elana Siek

Special Projects Coordinator: Hannah Townley

Internal Relations Coordinator: Guerin Frei

Outreach Coordinator: Belle LaMontagne

Professional Development Coordinator: Cale McCall

Student Liaison: Jane Gray

Faculty Advisor: Marianne Vernetson



Affiliate Groups:

Gators for Higher Education

If you have a passion for the University of Florida, join Gators for Higher Education (G4HE), the University of Florida’s formal advocacy network. G4HE students work closely with the UF Government Relations Office to promote the University's positions on higher education funding and other issues to Florida’s state elected officials. G4HE students have the opportunity to meet with elected officials and attend Gator Day at the Florida State Capitol.

Democracy Matters

Democracy Matters is a non-partisan organization concerned about political accountability and the corrupting influence of private money in American government. We hope to educate others and ourselves about present infringements upon democracy, political equality, and government transparency, and the possible alternatives that may help reform and revitalize our political process. Along with education, we work to deepen democracy by pushing for campaign finance and lobbying reform, election reform, and increased political participation of the American People.

Public Leadership Society

The Public Leadership Society is a new organization at the University of Florida. The purpose is to aid in the professional advancement of those committed to learning the principles of effective public leadership and to foster civic involvement through public and community service.

Gators of Tomorrow

The Gators of Tomorrow  honors first year students at the Universityof Florida seeking to make major accomplishments both on campus and in the community. Each spring, 25 freshmen are selected to attend a prestigious recognition event where they engage in leadership activities, hear from notable guest speakers, and network with established campus leaders.

Florida Political Review

The Florida Political Review is the Sunshine State’s preeminent student journal for politics and public policy. Managed entirely by Florida university students, the FPR operates in partnership with the University of Florida’s Bob Graham Center for Public Service to bring quality analysis and commentary on current-affairs and political issues facing Florida. The Florida Political Review was created to reach state policymakers and the general public in an effort to raise the level of public discourse among Florida communities.

Endorsed Groups:

Lombardi Scholars

The John V. Lombardi Scholarship Program, named after one of the University of Florida's most popular and dynamic presidents, is a highly select group of undergraduate achievers who receive $2,700 each fall and spring semester for 8 to 10 semesters. Scholars are each paired with one of UF's most distinguished faculty in their field of study and have many opportunities to interact with visiting faculty and speakers. They participate in study abroad, internships, academic research and other programs designed to enhance student leadership and problem-solving skills, encourage service to the community, increase confidence and integrate classroom learning with real-world experience.

The Leader/Scholar Program

Located in Trusler Hall, this program encourages first-year students to become active members on campus and it introduces them to many of UF’s resources and opportunities. This program, open to any first year student,  helps students begin their journey as a leader and scholar at the University of Florida under the guidance of peer mentors. Participants can also earn LSP credits toward a Leader/Scholar Certification at the end of the year. 

Global Living-Learning Community

Sponsored by the Department of Housing and Residence Education and located in Yulee Hall, the Global Living-Learning Community  strives to educate leaders for a global community. The goal of the Global Living Learning Community is to help residents become citizens of the world by bringing the world into this community through intercultural awareness, music, art, language, faculty-led discussions, and an introduction to a variety of campus, community, and global resources

United World Scholars

These scholarships, awarded for up to eight semesters, attract academically talented world citizens from the United World College environment to the University of Florida's freshman population. To qualify, a student must have graduated from one of the United World Colleges. Additional information can be obtained from United World Scholarship.