Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to submit a proposal?
Any student, undergraduate or graduate, who is currently enrolled in courses at the University of Florida and will continue to be so.

Are student groups eligible?
Yes! If an existing student organization or a group of students from an existing organization would like to submit a proposal, they may do so.

Are UF Online students eligible?
No. Because UF Online students do not pay student fees for on-campus activities, services, and programming, they are not eligible for this program.

When will we find out if our proposal was accepted?
Applications will be accepted through Friday, March 18. After the deadline, the committee will meet to review all application packages. At that point, several groups will be invited to give presentations, and decisions will be made following the presentations. Ideally notifications will go out by early April.

What do you mean when you say the proposal must be “collaborative, groundbreaking, and promote achievable objectives”?
Now that’s a great question! By “collaborative” we mean that no one student can go it alone. We are looking for groups of at least five students (and the more the merrier…to an extent) and will be most impressed by groups reflecting gender, racial, and academic diversity. By “groundbreaking” we mean a fantastic idea that we never considered. In fact, your goal should be to elicit the following response from the committee: “That is an amazing idea!” By “promote achievable objectives” we mean that the proposal includes specific, measurable, active, realistic, and timely objectives that we believe the group can achieve.

How specific must the budget be? Is it flexible?
The more specific the better, but don’t worry at this point about exact figures. Ballparks will suffice. And yes, we fully expect that the budget will change as the group progresses through the project.

Are there any limitations on exclusions related to how the money is spent?
Another great question! All expenses must be reviewed and approved by the Bob Graham Center. As long as they directly support the project itself, they are likely to be approved.

Must proposals include a faculty mentor or advisor?
Yes! In the end, we fully expect the selected project to be envisioned, planned, and implemented by students. However, experience hath shown that the watchful eye and thoughtful advice of a trusted faculty member or advisor to have a positive influence on the project and all who are involved in it.

Must proposals include letter of support from campus and/or community groups?
These letters are only required if the proposal includes specific mention and collaboration with another group. For example, if your proposal includes partnering with the Bread of the Mighty Food Bank, we would expect to see a letter of support from that organization. Otherwise, such a letter is not required. That said, we anticipate that the most promising proposals will include such letters.

Must all portions of the proposal package be submitted together or can portions be sent separately?
Yes, all portions of the proposal should be submitted as a unified and cohesive package. Proposals should be submitted to The Bob Graham Center by March 2016 to Kevin Baron at OR The Bob Graham Center 220 Pugh Hall.

Still have questions?
Email Kevin Baron at