Bob Graham is hard to resist. He treats the guy smoking barbecue along the roadside with the same warmth and interest as he does the lady who owns a chain of first class hotels. That’s because in his legendary workdays he's done every job in Florida, which is why Floridians have given him the jobs of governor and United States senator. Long out of office, he still remembers your name and asks after your children because, you are convinced, he really wants to know.

Graham is a fiercely partisan Democrat and hasn't forgotten how to win political alley fights, like the constitutional amendment he successfully championed in 2014, rolling over developers and business lobbies to obligate the first and fattest slice of discretionary state revenues each year for environmental preservation. But Graham’s longest-running quest has nothing to do with partisanship and everything to do with citizenship.

He thinks our children shouldn’t graduate from high school without knowing the basics of how their government works and their obligations and rights as citizens. He believes that can’t happen unless their teachers know enough, themselves, to teach civics. Graham knows citizenship is not passed along genetically, it has to be acquired and practiced to be real. READ MORE