Students can now register for the Graham Center's new online citizenship course "Rethinking Citizenship: Identity, Collaboration and Action."

The course, IDS 2338, is designed to take a unique pedagogical approach which eschews traditional assignments and required readings to make room for academic challenges and experiential missions that will allow for a high degree of student choice. Each week, students will be presented with a menu of Challenges ranked Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 based on their complexity. 

For any given topic, students can choose to complete any combination of Challenges as long as the combined complexity levels add up to three. In order to successfully complete the Challenges, students will have to take advantage of multimedia resources housed in the digital Civic Library. Challenges will be evaluated using a system of peer review.

Additionally, students will be expected to complete Missions. Missions are the experiential component of the course.  Missions will also be ranked Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 based on the effort they demand.Throughout the entirety of the course, students will be expected to amass a total of 10 Mission points.

Online Education Excellence Awards: Innovation
University of Florida
April 2014

The UF Online Education Excellence Awards are presented through the office of the Associate Provost for Teaching and Technology. These awards recognize quality and innovation in online course teaching and delivery.