IDS2338: Rethinking Citizenship

Social Sciences, 3 Credits

What does citizenship mean to you?

Beyond being a member of a nation or state, being a citizen implies a certain set of individual responsibilities that are essential to keep a democracy healthy and functioning. Fulfilling one’s role as a citizen requires engaged and informed participation. This course provides the tools and skills needed to be an effective citizen and offers opportunities for engagement and experiential learning.

Many factors have contributed to the current levels of political disengagement including the polarization of politics, the assumption that government is beholden to special interests and the belief that the people are powerless to change policy. This course aims to empower students to take action when it comes to advocating for issues of concern by providing perspective and proficiency on how to navigate our democratic system.

Policies are implemented every day, from Washington, D.C, to Tallahassee to Gainesville, that impact our everyday lives. As citizens, we have an inherent duty to be vigilant in expressing our opinions and concerns, and participating in problem-solving to benefit our communities. This course gives you the knowhow to know how to do just that.

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