The Bob Graham Center’s Civil Debate Wall—popularly known as ‘The Wall’—is a unique social media tool designed to revolutionize civil debate by allowing students, teachers and citizens to share ideas and solutions to some of the most pressing political questions facing the nation.

Comprised of five 46-by-26 inch touch-screen flat panels, The Wall operates in real time and is synchronized to its own mobile and desktop website. Users post their opinion or join an existing debate on questions that deal with the economy, politics and domestic and foreign policy.

The Wall is more than a sounding board like Twitter or Facebook. Its technology sifts through the key words of postings, tabulating them in dynamic data visualization to show where agreement lies. That information can then be used by scholars as well as the users themselves to move toward potential solutions. This effort at developing intelligent, constructive debate on key issues is at the core of the Bob Graham Center’s mission.