February 06, 2020

The question of immigration has always been a point of debate and discussion in American politics and public life. As the United States heads into another presidential election, the dispute over immigration seems set to intensify. How might American religious history speak to how Americans might address immigration and welcome the “stranger?”

Washington University distinguished professor Marie Griffith spoke on Thursday, Feb. 6, in the Pugh Hall Ocora to talk about current and historical issues pertaining to religion and politics, and how Americans might come to terms with immigration in the election season.

For complete details, visit this link: https://religion.ufl.edu/event/scudder-lecture-3/

This event was part of the University of Florida Department of Religion’s 2019 Scudder Lecture Series, and co-sponsored with the UF Department of Religion. 

A live stream of the event can be found at this link: https://mediasite.video.ufl.edu/Mediasite/Play/33f8335153a64e76a947c7e9ce1c9d3f1d