October 09, 2018

In April, the Constitution Revision Commission (CRC), a 37-member panel that meets every 20 years to review the state’s constitution, added eight proposed amendments to the November ballot. These revisions were added to the five referendums already slated for the ballot either by the Florida Legislature or through citizen initiatives. One amendment has since been thrown off the ballot by the courts.

Floridians will be asked to weigh in on these 12 remaining constitutional amendments that range from greyhound dog racing to offshore oil drilling to restoring voting rights to felons. Sixty percent of voter support is needed in order for a ballot measure to be enacted.

At 6 p.m. on Oct. 9 in the Pugh Hall Ocora, Jon Mills, dean emeritus and director of the Center for Governmental Responsibility at UF’s Levin College of Law, and Mary Adkins, director of Legal Writing and Appellate Advocacy at UF’s Levin College of Law, discussed each of the constitutional amendments and what a vote for or against will mean.

Watch the discussion here. 

Co-sponsors: Levin College of Law, League of Women Voters Alachua County/Gainesville, The Gainesville Sun