Time Place Date Event
4:30 p.m. Pugh Hall Ocora Sept. 18 Tallahasee Internship Info Session (ICE CREAM & PIZZA)
5:30 p.m. Reading Room Sept. 19 Careers in Law and Public Policy 
9:30 a.m.  Reading Room Sept. 22 Public Service Coffee Break with State Rep. Chuck Clemons
5 p.m. 210 Pugh Hall Sept. 28 Tallahasee Internship Information Session 
2 p.m.  Reading Room Sept. 28 First Amendment Workshop w/ Brechner Center Director Frank LoMonte
9:30 a.m. Reading Room Sept. 29 Public Service Coffee Break with U.S. Rep. Cliff Stearns 
12 p.m. Reading Room Oct. 12 Advocacy Workshop