Travis Seay is a Ph.D. student in Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Florida and specializes in social studies education.  He holds a master’s degree in history from Missouri State University and a bachelor’s degree in social sciences education from Florida State University.  His research interests include civic education and civic engagement. 

A veteran public school teacher, he advocates for the fundamental right to quality education for students, particularly those from underserved communities.  For most of the past 18 years, he has taught in rural Florida and urban New York, sponsoring numerous student organizations and serving as a local curriculum leader in the social studies.  Basing much of his research on his experiences as a teacher, he investigates issues of social justice and community building in secondary schools, studies the history of student activism, and inquires into the complex dimensions of teacher quality.  In the course of his career, Travis has gained an appreciation for the broad contexts of teaching and learning, especially systemic conditions that affect opportunities for student success.  He aims to understand how community resources can be leveraged to improve those circumstances; he is especially concerned with instances in which students and educators cooperatively marshal local funds of knowledge and diverse capabilities in the interests of their community and larger society.  A robust and culturally-relevant civics curriculum is central to those resources, as are the means by which people can critically assess and actualize ideas that come out of it.  Travis’s assistantship at the Graham Center combines his research and career experiences with the Center’s vision for cultivating innovative approaches to civic education.


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