Citizen of the Month Jan-Feb


Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Political Science, Criminology, and African-American Studies

BGC Program: 

Public Leadership Minor, Virtual Internship Program, and the Haskell Faculty and Research Awards.


How has the Graham Center enhanced your undergraduate experience?


Through the Bob Graham Center, I’ve been lealrned the true meaning of public service. From the courses required to obtain the Public Leadership Minor to the events held promoting civic engagement to the practical internship experiences,  the Bob Graham Center has given me a platform to influence change. 
As an intern through the Virtual Internship Program, I worked with Who We Play For, on their mission to lobby the Florida Capitol to set aside allocations for student-athletes suffering from cardiac arrest. From that internship, my understanding of working with government deepened as I met with Florida Representatives and other key players in Florida’s government. 
As a Haskell Faculty and Research recipient, I am working alongside Sharon Austin, director of the African-American Studies Program, to produce a research paper that focuses on disenfranchisement. The purpose of the research paper is to help society understand certain public policies as we debate how to make them better for all Americans; tenants that are at the core of the Bob Graham Center.