2017 Askew Scholar


Tampa, Fla.


Environmental Science and Political Science

BGC Program: 

Askew Scholars Program


Describe a particularly satisfying public service activity or accomplishment


One of the most satisfying service activities I’ve participated in as UF student has been volunteering with Gator Campus Girl Scouts. As a member of this student organization, I’ve helped plan and facilitate activities for young scouts in Alachua County, from teaching Daisy scouts about recycling to giving a tour of UF to scouts in high school. Girl Scouts had a positive influence on my life growing up, and it brings me joy to share the opportunities Girl Scouts gave me with others. With membership in Girl Scouts in decline and young adult role models few and far between, I feel my role as a Girl Scouts volunteer is impactful and beneficial to the community. I plan to continue my involvement in Girl Scouts for as long as possible and I hope to one day become a troop leader.