2017 Askew Scholar


Jacksonville, Fla.


Environmental Science and Philosophy

BGC Program: 

Askew Scholar


What problem or need do you hope to address through service and/or research?


"Growing up on the coast with a synergistic passion for marine science, art, and philosophy, I saw a need to reconcile in society the fields that had grown too separate over the years. I was drawn to civic service and research by my love for the environment and my desire to promote harmony between human society and the natural world to secure the maximum benefit for both. Nowadays, the disconnect between policy and science is more pronounced than ever, which worries me because valuable scientific progress is not being embodied in updated policy. Though the present situation can be depressing and frustrating, I am invigorated by the great potential I see in reconstructing this critical channel for communication and leaving behind a better world than the one I entered."