Mr. Cunningham is CEO of The Brand Advocates, Inc. an award winning public relations firm in Miami.  His team won the 2015 PRNews Platinum PR Award in the community relations category.  These awards represent and honor the best work in the public relations industry.  Mr. Cunningham is an expert in public relations and public affairs. He has led successful public relations and public affairs campaigns for a government and private sector clients over the last 25 years. He has done extensive work for public agencies and private companies to develop strategies and communications for infrastructure, transportation, housing, and environmental programs and projects.  He currently leads strategic communications for the largest water/wastewater program in the United States.

Mr. Cunningham has provided strategic communications counsel for some of the largest companies in America.  As a licensed investment banker, he also lead public finance in the southeast US for a major Wall Street investment bank. He has a unique understanding of the intersection of finance, communications, government and law.  In today’s world, these subjects are frequently intertwined.

During his career, Mr. Cunningham has provided political counsel to mayors, governors, and a President.  A licensed attorney, he has served as deputy chief counsel to one of the major US political parties.  Mr. Cunningham not only has helped clients navigate smoothly through public affairs issues, but he has received numerous recognitions from the community he serves, including the Prudential-Davis Productivity Award given by the State of Florida.  He is also a Fellow of the British-American Project, an organization comprised of political, economic, thought and business leaders from Great Britain and United States. 

Mr. Cunningham has served both as Vice-Chairman and Chairman of Floridians for Better Transportation, and for five years was a member of the Board of Trustees of the University of Florida, where he led communications from the trustee level. Mr. Cunningham has recently joined the Board of Advisors of the Bob Graham Center for Public Service at the University of Florida.  He is recognized throughout the state as a thought leader and is a registered professional of the Florida Bar.