Bob Graham Center Public Service Council

The Bob Graham Center Public Service Council was founded in the fall of 2010 to give students who are not enrolled in the Center's minor in public leadership the opportunity to foster civic engagement and the spirit of public service on the campus and in the community.

The Public Service Council will strive for the following:

  • To encourage and study political participation and civic engagement within the University of Florida campus and Gainesville community.
  • To integrate the Bob Graham Center for Public Service with the rest of the University of Florida.
  • To provide a resource and community for Bob Graham Center students and any student interested in public service and leadership.
  • To present student creativity and perception in the programming and mission of the Center through student advisory boards.
  • To advocate the message of “participants, not spectators” and use this as the basis for programming and publicity.
  • To aspire to John F. Kennedy’s “Educated Citizen” three ideals: "Of the many special obligations incumbent upon an educated citizen, I would cite three as outstanding: Your obligation to the pursuit of learning; your obligation to serve the public; your obligation to uphold the law."

The Public Service Council's most recent project was overseeing the development of the Civil Debate Wall prototype. The Council was and is responsible for overseeing student input on the project and for disseminating information about the wall to the wider campus.

The Public Service Council meets every other Monday at 5:15 p.m. in the O'Neill Reading Room on the second floor of Pugh Hall.

Please visit the Public Service Council's Facebook page at

President: Morena Hadziselimovic:
Vice President: Andrea Azalia:
Director of Programming: Sarah Juliachs:
Director of Communications: Hazal Ebinic:
Community Service Director: Kenny Bain:
Treasurer: Megan Brauncstein: